About the Client

  • A large private equity firm in Europe, with investment interest across varied sectors
  • It has been in business for over three decades, with offices across Europe

Business Need

  • As a part of its investment strategy, the client wanted to understand the global web content management market
  • The focus was on analysing market structure, value chain, prevailing business models, business solutions offered, competitive positioning and industry growth outlook

Approach and Methodology

  • Our team started work by leveraging a mix of our subscribed databases, data shared by client and information available in public sources (associations, news releases, etc.)
  • We worked with the client to assimilate information from various subject matter experts to develop an understanding of the market
  • As the subject was technical in nature, we ensured that the content of the final presentation is easy to grasp for an audience with a non-technical background
  • Finally, we helped the client identify potential companies for investment, providing insights on their business capabilities

Business Outcomes

  • The client leveraged the study findings during its internal strategy meet. Later, we went on to conduct multiple follow-up projects for them

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