Our brand solutions assist in the creation and continuation of strong, distinctive brands. We create sustainable competitive advantage through objective, insight based ideas and recommendations.


We work and partner with the world’s biggest and most successful branding and marketing agencies.

Brand assessment

Brand Assessment

  • We deploy the Brand Growth Index to help brands understand the core emotional drivers behind customer decisions thereby enabling sustainable growth.
  • We future-proof brands by providing them with unique category insights (“Omnibus Category Research”) about the forces that can fundamentally disrupt business or social trends and thereby irreversibly alter consumer consciousness.
  • We ground brand development in the fundamentals of design thinking by continuously testing new concepts and product prototypes with potential customers using customised “Customer Panels”, thereby making the creative process more evidence driven.
  • Brands benchmark themselves against the competition (“Competitor Brand Index”) using a combination of NPS and brand perception scores enabling a more real time market strategy.
  • Our data analysts conduct “Pre/Post Campaign Testing” to help marketers evaluate the effectiveness of their campaigns.
Marketing support

Marketing Support

We support firms across sectors in their business development and marketing activities. This includes conceptualising and writing white papers and point of view identifying opportunities, creating case studies, newsletters and pitch documents.

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