About the Client

A European Private Equity player with a diverse portfolio of investments in multiple sectors, including financial services, healthcare and manufacturing

Business Need

  • The client was considering exit options for one of its portfolio companies and wanted us to perform an in-depth study of the global TDI (Toluene Diisocyanate) market to support this evaluation
  • Geographical focus was the Eastern European market

Approach and Methodology

We divided the client’s requirements into three parts.

  • Demand-side analysis:
    • Impact of the global economic downturn on the current market demand
    • Evaluating future trends, looking at major consumers (furniture and automotive industries) of TDI
  • Supply-side analysis:
    • Planned capacity additions to forecast expected supply
    • Impact on competition and prices
  • Regional analysis:
    • Assessment of region-wise demand-supply gap, capacity build-ups and shift in demand to Asia
    • Value chain analysis
    • Industry cost structure assessment

Business Outcomes

  • Client gained in-depth understanding of the industry (current performance as well as future potential); thereby, helping them make an informed exit strategy decision

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