About the Client

A US-based business services and consulting firm

Business Need

  • The client wanted to examine the supply chain network of leading players in the US steel industry to assess best practices related to:
    • Building capabilities for logistics
    • Credit management
    • Other peripheral functions

Approach and Methodology

We divided the client’s requirements into two parts.

  • Identification of supply chain framework and sourcing practices employed by two of the leading steel manufacturers in the US
  • Deep-dive analysis: We conducted interviews with service centres, steel mills and user of steel products to assess –
    • Organisational structure (Where are the decision makers located? Where are the hubs located? Do they have centralised vs. decentralised decision making, along with the associated benefits?)
    • Detailed supply chain (mining, manufacturing and processing locations; methodology followed by the players while dealing with key stakeholders in the value chain)

Business Outcomes

  • The in-depth analysis of the company practices enabled the end client to identify functions and best practices, they could adopt to boost revenues

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