About the Client

  • A Europe based global consulting firm
  • The client’s key focus is to provide high-level strategic and performance-oriented advisory services

Business Need

  • As part of their strategy to acquire clients in the oil and gas industry, our client was evaluating the potential in the market, focusing on targeting the major companies in the sector
  • To support their plans, they wanted to understand the industry, business dynamics, government policies and initiatives, and also benchmark the performance of the top players within each segment

Approach and Methodology

  • Analysed the industry based on:
    • Value chain and supply chain
    • Demand and supply dynamics
    • Policies and regulations by region
    • Trends affecting the industry and the role of national oil corporations
    • Challenges faced by the industry
  • Benchmarked the performance of the top players in the sector by:
    • Understanding the competitive landscape
    • Conducting comparable analysis
    • Profiling the key players by segment

Business Outcomes

  • The client was able to define its service offerings for the oil & gas industry based on the trends and challenges identified in the study
  • The study helped the client identify key potential customers for the new service offering

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