Competitive Intelligence | Opportunity Assessment | Strategic Situation Analysis

Business need

  • A leading global telecom network infrastructure provider was looking for a research partner to conduct a strategic situation analysis in its key markets – Southeast Asia, Oceania and India.
  • The company was keen to understand the overall market dynamics and activities of other leading telecom operators in these markets.
  • It also wanted to assess its current market position with respect to its competitors and its preparedness to respond to emerging market challenges and opportunities.

Evaluate the company’s existing market position and empower it to respond to emerging market challenges and opportunities.

The client outlined two key reasons for selecting RocSearch:

  • Our proven capabilities in conducting competitive intelligence and opportunity assessment studies.
  • Our wide exposure to the European Telecom Sector.

Approach and Methodology

  • As part of our full-time engagement with the client, our telecom specialists follow a streamlined and interactive approach for preparing periodic operator-specific and market reports. The operator-specific reports include a half-yearly performance & strategy analysis of each of the 14 telecom operators in the relevant markets. We chart out a detailed release calendar of the operators’ financial results at the start of the year and prioritise all deliverables in collaboration with the client.

We examine each country’s industry trends, regulatory updates, key players, upcoming market behaviour, strategic themes and technology implications.

  • The reports offer insights into the operators’ financial as well as operating performance and developments revolving around the key strategic themes.
  • Our quarterly market reports cover market trends and dynamics for each of the five countries in the key-market region, recent partnerships and market expansions, examining their implications for the client.
  • We leverage strategic frameworks and financial ratio analysis to decipher ‘so-what’ and present key insights on the company, following up on historical strategic initiatives, analyst forecasts and their potential impact on the client’s strategy.

Business Outcomes

  • The periodic market reports provide regular updates to the client on market area dynamics and insights, enabling the client to evolve services in response to market expectations and formulate go-to-market strategies.
  • The client’s strategy team uses operator-specific reports to track/benchmark the financial and operational performance of key operators, track trending technology innovations and stay competitive.

The client stays updated
on market dynamics and operator performance, enabling it to evolve its services, formulate go-to-market strategies and remain competitive.

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