About the Client

A leading European diversified mid-market private equity firm

Business Need

  • The client wanted to understand the private network and connections market in the UK, particularly to know which part of the electricity distribution work can be taken up by private players, and the potential market opportunity in this segment
  • Also, it sought to learn about the main players in the market, their business models and key success factors

Approach and Methodology

  • Developed an understanding of the market dynamics and the role of key market stakeholders (DNOs, IDNOs, ICPs)
  • The study provided an analysis of the private electricity and distribution market in the UK, the regulatory structure, types of players, vendor selection criteria for private networks and evolving role of the key stakeholders
  • Detailed questionnaire was prepared for conducting primary research to gather data regarding vendor selection procedures, market size, and to identify few of the unmet service needs of the industry

Business Outcomes

  • Client gained insights on the multi-layered structure of the private electricity networks and connections market, and the interplay among the stakeholders
  • The study highlighted the types of opportunities available for various third party vendors/ contractors, and the criteria for their selection

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