About the Client

Founded in 1974, the client is a leading international brand consultancy, specialising in brand services and activities.

Business Need

  • To assess and support market entry strategy for the end-client, focusing on US yogurt desserts market

Approach and Methodology

  • Analysed the US yogurt desserts industry, covering the macro and other related categories, to generate insights on the overall market size, market segmentation, distribution channels and total consumption
  • Identified the key industry trends by focusing on the competitive landscape, leading players and consumer preferences
  • Conducted brand analysis of select brands in terms of market share, packaging and consumer opinions
  • Made comparative analysis of the consumption pattern and product offerings in the yogurt category in the US vis-à-vis countries such as France and Germany. Consumer tastes and preferences for yogurt and indulgent categories, such as chocolate and ice creams, in different markets were analysed
  • Analysed the key statistics of the brand to be acquired, its distribution channels, consumer opinions and packaging

Business Outcomes

  • The study helped the client in understanding the growth prospects and to make a strategic decision on whether to foray in this sector

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