Business need

The competitive intelligence (CI) head of a US-based consumer packaged goods (CPG) company, with nationwide operations.

Business Objectives / Goals

Approach and Methodology

  • Our team started work by leveraging a mix of our subscribed databases, data shared by client and information available in public sources (associations, news releases, etc.)
  • We worked with the client to assimilate information from various subject matter experts to develop an understanding of the market
  • As the subject was technical in nature, we ensured that the content of the final presentation is easy to grasp for an audience with a non-technical background
  • Finally, we helped the client identify potential companies for investment, providing insights on their business capabilities

  • The client sought timely updates on its competitors and the market
  • The client intended to share the information with its key internal stakeholders to ensure that they were well informed about the market movements

Approach and Methodology

  • RocSearch conducted a brainstorming session with the client and proposed a periodic newsletter covering five broad heads:
    • Competitive landscape
    • Markets, both domestic and foreign
    • Legislative and regulatory environment
    • Retailer watch
    • Pulse of the consumers
  • RocSearch leveraged access to subscribed databases to select the relevant news articles, besides scanning press releases, competitor’s websites, industry associations, trade bodies and analyst reports to ensure comprehensiveness of the newsletter

Business outcomes

  • The newsletter turned into a one-stop solution for timely competitive and market insights for the client and the senior management

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