Business need

A global oil & gas major, headquartered in Europe

Business Objectives / Goals

  • The client was facing a challenge in gathering comprehensive and validated multi-lingual news articles related to its focus markets
  • It wanted RocSearch to provide media intelligence support, covering the client’s focus markets and competitors

Approach and Methodology

  • Developed a news relevance framework taking into account the strategic focus and objectives of the client
  • Conducted extensive secondary research by leveraging multi-lingual resources through news aggregators, local language news media, government websites, oil & gas news portals and general
    internet search
  • Classified the news articles under relevant themes: updates on licensing rounds, global and local competitor news specific to upstream activities, geopolitical tensions, regulatory/ fiscal changes specific to E&P activities, oil/ energy ministry news, M&A or exploration activities, other political news such
    as elections and government/ ministerial changes
  • Evaluated the gathered news articles for relevance and further classified them on the basis of impact – ‘High’, ‘Medium’ or ‘Low’
  • Created and shared a weekly news digest covering the shortlisted articles (‘High’ and ‘Medium’ relevance) with the client

Business outcomes

  • The support helped the client in getting ready access to qualified news
  • Provided multi-lingual news coverage to the client
  • Client leveraged the articles as input for its strategy development

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