About the Client

A US-based global provider of network business intelligence and advanced operations support system solutions for telecom service providers and enterprises.

Business Need

  • The client wanted to launch a new application in the North American market
  • As part of its market entry strategy, it wanted us to conduct a detailed due diligence and provide suggestions regarding the various industry user groups that can be targeted for a successful launch

Approach and Methodology

  • We built a comprehensive market map of the target segment, identified and benchmarked similar applications in the market, conducted a need-gap analysis of the various target segments and assessed their willingness to pay
  • We assessed the market potential of the application by drilling down each key user group
  • We scanned the detailed market map to identify key user groups for the application and built a market size model for different levels of penetration
  • We also estimated revenue for the application based on the projected revenues for proxy, substitute or similar applications

Business Outcomes

  • We created a market intelligence pack, covering all competing products in the market, to enable a sharper segmentation and communication strategy. It led to the successful launch of the application by our client in the US market, in line with our recommendations

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