About the Client

A US-based media planning group offering integrated planning, buying, content and marketing support services
across all communication channels

Business Need

  • Analyse the US debit and credit card market and benchmark the marketing and advertising strategies of the leading payment networks
  • Identify business development opportunities in the US payments market

Approach and Methodology

  • Analysed the debt and credit card payments ecosystem and money flow
  • Studied the market, looking at transaction volumes, market penetration, usage patterns, growth segments, trends and market share of payment networks
  • Created an in-depth profile of the incumbent player(s) capturing business model, target market, customer acquisition and advertising strategy, market share, partnerships and SWOT analysis
  • Identified the leading strategies of payment networks to increase market share, reduce churn and increase profitability
  • Compared the industry players based on the IPSOS brand health index
  • Benchmarked their advertising strategies based on target segment, marketing channels, focus and ad spend

Business Outcomes

  • The client approached each of the leading US Payments market players with bespoke and targeted media planning BD campaigns

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