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Business need

  • A UK-based private equity firm needed to track the monthly financial performance data of its portfolio companies and present to its management team and investors.
  • The PE firm reached out to RocSearch to create the data templates to record all financial performance data from income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement by region and business unit.
  • The templates also had to be used for capturing company specific operational metrics and upload them on a cloud-based platform.

Capture financial performance of portfolio companies on an ongoing basis.

The client outlined two key reasons for selecting RocSearch:

  • Our proven investment research and advisory capabilities.
  • Our longstanding association with the client and our expertise in portfolio monitoring and value creation.

Approach and Methodology

  • A dedicated team of analysts worked in tandem with the client’s portfolio team to manage a cloud-based Excel add-in, that had to be customized as per each portfolio company’s nature of business.
  • The team added the required data items for each portfolio company, got them reviewed by the client, and then uploaded them on the cloud. This was followed by the preparation of actual and budget tabs for the portfolio company using a pre-agreed and tested methodology.

RocSearch strategically resolved issues arising out of a single-user login-based platform, through proactive stakeholder management. The team created a rigorous process document based on its learnings.

  • The team identified and ironed out various issues arising out of a single-user login-based platform, through proactive stakeholder management. The key learnings during the development phase became part of a rigorous process document.
  • After fully creating the template and addressing any queries, the file was uploaded and shared with the portfolio company to fill in the required performance data.
  • RocSearch team was also responsible for populating the historic data of the portfolio companies into the template, that was received by the GP during the due diligence phase.

Business Outcomes

  • Our dedicated client-facing team allowed the PE firm to manage and present the performance data for a large number of portfolio companies to the firm’s management and investors. This earlier had to be executed piecemeal.
  • RocSearch team saved 20-30 hours for the client’s portfolio division per portfolio company for reporting and updating their results. The client team could now dedicate their bandwidth to more strategic value creation mandates.

Our dedicated client-facing team allowed the client’s portfolio division to significantly save their reporting time and focus more on strategic value creation initiatives.

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