About the Client

A new entrant in the e-commerce space, offering a range of apparel product assortment

Business Need

  • The client wanted RocSearch to benchmark the top brands in the e-commerce clothing space with a leading clothing brand, to assess the gaps

Approach and Methodology

  • Conducted comprehensive primary and secondary research using company filings, analyst reports and expert interviews
  • Benchmarked the top players on the following parameters:
    • Site functionality
    • Product range
    • Price range
    • Click’n’Brick strategy
    • Daily hits
    • Loyalty
    • Revenue
    • Organisation
    • Fulfilment set-up
    • Promotions

Business Outcomes

  • The inputs enabled the client to understand the strengths and shortcomings of its e-commerce portal
  • The insights helped the client in improving its site functionality and Click’n’Brick strategy

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