About the Client

  • The client is a retail and commercial banking service provider in the UAE, with branches across the country
  • The bank has mobilised more than AED 30 billion as customers’ deposits

Business Need

  • The client wanted to expand their customer engagement initiatives by offering informative daily market reports, covering technical analysis to assist their end clients in making Buy/Sell decisions on their portfolios

Approach and Methodology

  • Market metrics were illustrated using a variety of charts and tables
  • Various technical analysis tools were used to identify short and long term market trends and suggest market entry and exit points
  • Historical and intra-day stock market data was leveraged using Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters EIKON
  • Technical analysis, using tools such as Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) and Relative Strength Index (RSI), was performed
  • To spot investment signals, team identified patterns such as Double Tops in various stocks

Business Outcomes

  • The team’s comprehensive analysis of the market patterns enabled the client to identify Buy/Sell signals
  • The bespoke document structure, designed to neatly capture the graphical illustrations with analyst comments, allowed for ease of comprehension for the client

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