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Business need

  • A real-estate-focused private equity (PE) fund had investment interests in property and property-related capital market securities in Europe. It had raised its first funds and was keen to raise additional capital in the wake of discounted property prices.
  • The client was preparing a pitch book for fundraising. It mandated that RocSearch prepare various sections of the document, particularly the investment strategy and case studies on the first fund.

To prepare a compelling pitch presentation for investors for successful fundraising.

The client outlined two key reasons for selecting RocSearch:

  • Our proven capabilities across the investment lifecycle, including pitchbook presentation.
  • Our wide exposure to the UK’s real estate market.

Approach and Methodology

  • Our dedicated PE Real Estate (PERE) team commenced the engagement by introducing a case for the client’s investment strategy by overlaying the property market fundamentals.

RocSearch built the client’s investment case, focusing on the stock selection strategy, key investment themes and distressed market investing experience.

  • We subsequently worked on creating sections which would help educate prospective investors and build a case for investing in the client’s second fund.
  • This included aspects such as stock selection strategy, major investment themes, distressed market investing experience of the investment team and the geographical focus of the client.
  • We further strengthened the investment thesis by highlighting case studies on investments made from the first fund raised by the client. We covered aspects such as a business plan, capital structure, track record and asset management

Business Outcomes

  • The comps analysis and case studies presented industry-specific details, trends and macro- and microeconomic analyses, which enabled the client to build a sound investment case. It helped the client to eventually close its second fund at GBP 500mn.
  • While it was not part of the original mandate, we went the extra mile and highlighted avenues of opportunity in a distressed market as part of the pitch presentation.
  • In appreciation of the ‘partnership’ model that we follow with our clients, the RocSearch team was invited to London to attend the pitchbook’s presentation to prospective investors.

The powerful pitchbook enabled the client to build a sound investment case, helping it to eventually close its second funding round at GBP 500mn.

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