About the Client

A UK-based analytics consulting firm

Business Need

  • To identify the optimum workforce model, which would allow the client to focus on areas such as business development, client engagement and consulting, while still allowing them the flexibility to scale up or down as the situation demanded

Approach and Methodology

  • Clear segregation of on-site and off-site activities
  • Adoption of a Hub and Spoke delivery model – the main office was the Hub delivery centre and the client offices were established as the Spokes
  • Reorganisation of client offices in different geographies into consulting and business development centres, with a mandate to exclusively interface with clients and prospects
  • “Price to win” in new business situations, using the new mixed workforce model. Earlier the client had entered few loss-making deals, delivered by over-qualified onshore resources
  • Maintaining a resource ratio of at least 1:4 (onshore: offshore) to mitigate any risk to the business – The Hub being a variable cost and providing the flexibility to scale up or down as the situation demanded

Business Outcomes

  • The ad hoc system of delivery was replaced by a mature delivery process leading to significant improvement in quality, with the study making a clear segregation of responsibilities between the hub (offshore delivery capability) and spokes (onshore client teams), in terms of core competencies

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