About the Client

  • Europe-based private equity player, focused on acquiring successful companies
  • It helps the acquired companies to grow further by deploying strategic experts to overhaul their business strategies

Business Need

  • The client wanted to understand the European pension market and assess the potential for pension buy-out vehicles and risk-based underwriters in these markets
  • To achieve this, they wanted an overview of the market and its key challenges
  • The client also wanted to know about the key buyout deals and the respective players involved

Approach and Methodology

  • A country-wise market overview was conducted, which mapped the European pension regulation and funding landscape by country covering key trends, challenges, drivers, regulations, funding landscape, and competition
  • The market overview also mapped the European services industry to the pension funds
  • The team, then, analysed the potential for pension buy-out vehicles in each market, looking at the market overview, competitive landscape, demand drivers for pension buyout activity, review of buyout deals, and the future outlook on risk-based underwriters

Business Outcomes

  • Our analysis of the comparable buyout transactions helped the client understand the prevailing investment strategies and helped them devise their own go-to-market plan

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