About the Client

An international mobile network operator (MNO), with presence in Europe and South America

Business Need

  • The MNO was facing significant cost pressures, and sought ways to improve the profit margins in one of its European markets
  • The client wanted RocSearch to analyse the strategies and global best practices deployed by MNOs for cost reduction

Approach and Methodology

  • The team assessed the last five years’ financial performance of top 50 global MNOs and their cost reduction programmes. They categorised these companies under eight different cost reduction strategies
  • The best performing MNO from each category was shortlisted and in-depth case studies were created on the strategies and tactics deployed by these MNOs to achieve their cost reduction targets
  • The team also covered strategies of smaller players operating with healthy profit margins
  • Provided an assessment of the benefits and potential risks (such as higher customer churn, inferior customer experience, etc.) of applying various cost reduction strategies

Business Outcomes

  • Our findings were used by the head of the client’s strategy team, in his recommendations to the board to reduce the OPEX and cost for the company

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