About the Client

A leading US-based IT services company, with offices in more than 50 countries worldwide

Business Need

  • Assess the business capability of a major managed services supplier by creating a dashboard analysing its business performance, covering key strategies, management information, financial health, peer group analysis, SWOT analysis, and recent developments

Approach and Methodology

  • The team provided an overview of the company, looking at the key business highlights, SWOT analysis, key strategies, news analysis, etc.
  • Conducted detailed financial analysis, covering revenue and profitability, risk analysis, stock performance, insider training and analyst recommendations
  • Performed a peer group analysis, looking at revenue analysis, share performance and risk assessment, solvency and liquidity ratio evaluation, and accounts receivable assessment
  • Finally, analysed the managed services industry by studying the industry offerings, identifying key trends and drivers, and applying Porter’s Five Forces model

Business Outcomes

  • Helped the client gain a better understanding of one of its supplier’s business capability
  • Enabled the client to decide whether to renew the company’s contract in future

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