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Business need

  • A European telehealth services provider was considering developing a health planning and wellbeing app with proposed features such as health monitoring, telemedicine and community.
  • The client initially wanted assistance in the research and development of this application. It was interested in testing a prototype of the app and approaching investors for funding.

To develop a holistic health planning and wellbeing app.

The client outlined two key reasons for selecting RocSearch:

  • Our proven capabilities and extensive experience in technology research and benchmarking studies.
  • Our wide exposure to the global health & wellness markets and a strong industry network.

Approach and Methodology

  • Our strategic advisory team actively contributed to the planning and research for the proposed app. We carried out a methodical scan of several app platforms. We shortlisted 61 comparable health and wellness tracking apps that were ranked based on their feature depth and overall success. Further, we identified more than 100 apps and evaluated several community platforms offering integration and sources for fetching curated content on health and wellness.

We benchmarked comparable apps, defined underlying algorithms, identified software platforms to be integrated with the proposed app and shared a pitch presentation for the client’s investor meeting.

Healthcare, technology
  • The app was based on a visual tool to evaluate the different aspects of life through a series of questions and an algorithm that would assign users a score and reward them with appropriate badges.
  • We designed a questionnaire comprising more than 150 questions to assess user satisfaction in different aspects of life. This would enable users to monitor progress on their well-being, set development goals and take steps to improve their lifestyle.
  • Based on the research outcomes, we prepared a pitch presentation for the client for its investor meeting, including a summary of our findings and insights for product development.

Business Outcomes

  • The study provided critical insights and ideas to the client’s product development team for designing the application and emulating successful features from other applications benchmarked.
  • The client used our pitch presentation in its investor meeting, which eventually helped it secure funding and scale up.

The client used our pitch presentation in its investor meeting, which eventually helped it secure funding and scale up.

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