About the Client

A private Equity Real Estate firm (PERE) firm, with investment interests in direct property and property-related capital market securities in the UK

Business Need

  • The client wanted a real-time assessment of the impact of BREXIT on the performance of REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) and real estate specific stocks and indices in the UK

Approach and Methodology

  • Identified all the REITs and real estate specific stocks and indices in the UK
  • Assessed their key focus areas and classified them into specific real estate categories, such as industrial, office, retail, residential, self- storage, diversified, London office, city/region, etc.
  • Developed a customised and dynamic dashboard covering the pre-and-post BREXIT returns (1-day, 15-day, monthly and YTD) at individual and category level
  • The dashboard was automated to ensure the performance data was refreshed on a daily basis; in addition, a sentiment analysis of the market outlook by industry experts and analysts was conducted to augment the return’s data

Business Outcomes

  • Helped the client decipher specific market signals from noise in a highly uncertain post-BREXIT environment
  • Enabled the client to be up-to-speed on market performance and outlook basis comprehensive, fact-based, real-time insights

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