About the Client

A UK-based Private Equity firm with offices in the US, Europe and Asia

Business Need

  • Understand the European dental services market, gaining insights on the industry regulations, payer landscape, key drivers and trends (including labour market)
  • Identify the key players in the market and prepare their profiles

Approach and Methodology

  • Secondary research formed the mainstay for the study. We leveraged the data from sources such as government websites, company websites, associations, journals and subscribed databases
  • Provided an overview of the regulatory landscape in select European countries and analysed regulations related to advertising, indemnity insurance and corporate dentistry practices
  • Prepared a competitive landscape framework to compare the regulations across various European countries
  • Also, identified the key industry trends and drivers, and assessed their impact on the market
  • Finally, we prepared the key player profiles, providing insights on areas such as financial analysis and strategic focus of the players

Business Outcomes

  • The study helped the client to better understand the regulations in the European dental care services market
  • The client leveraged the study during its internal strategy meeting

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