About the Client

  • A pattern making and job foundries company.
  • It provides products and services to the metal casting industry
  • The client primarily caters to customers in Europe

Business Need

  • As part of the company’s growth strategy, the client was looking at expanding its market presence outside Europe
  • It wanted to understand the global metal casting industry, identify regions of high metal casting production and the key players in the global market

Approach and Methodology

  • Analysed the metal casting market by studying the industry structure, historical performance and future demand forecast
  • Identified the major trends, challenges and drivers, along with their impact
  • Listed the top 10 metal casting countries by production Identified countries with rising demand for metal casting products
  • And identified the top seven metal casting producers globally, along with their growth rate and their regional presence

Business Outcomes

  • The client formulated their expansion strategy, prioritising the regions and the rank order, basis our study
  • Aided the client in identifying key potential customers for its products

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