Identifying the universe | Market mapping | Competitive landscape

Business need

  • A Singaporean investment holding company was considering investments in the cybersecurity space and was keen to explore the universe of potential targets in this space.
  • It therefore wanted to proactively map the competitive landscape for 11 specific sub-verticals of cybersecurity and application security testing, globally.

To create a robust pipeline of cybersecurity and application testing companies across the globe for potential investments.

The client outlined two key reasons for selecting RocSearch:

  • Our ability to rapidly deploy experienced and highly pedigreed investment advisory teams.
  • Our flexible client-centric engagement models.

Approach and Methodology

  • Our advisory team identified companies operating in each of the 11 sub-verticals within cybersecurity and application testing, sourced from leading technology advisory firms, cybersecurity and software advisory firms, software comparison platforms, industry associations, technology magazines and news aggregators.
  • Considering the sub-verticals were highly niche with no clear mapping of the offerings, a keyword-based approach was used to screen the companies based on aspects including functionality, software features and application across cybersecurity and testing.

We mapped out 60-70 companies in each of the 11 sub-verticals, with representation across geographies, growth stages and size of business.

Cyber Security
  • We profiled each of the shortlisted companies providing critical details about their operations and financials.
  • As a value-addition for the client, we created an Excel-based dashboard providing a slice-and-dice view of the shortlisted companies, by sub-vertical, geography, size, maturity and funding details.

Business Outcomes

  • A significant outcome was a comprehensive, user-friendly, extensible database of more than 700 companies across the 11 sub-verticals comprising 194 start-ups, 141 growth-stage companies and 369 mature companies.
  • The study provided regional insights. While majority of the companies were based out of the United States, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific were apparently emerging as hotbeds for start-ups.

The study provided an actionable list and insights on cybersecurity and application testing companies for potential investments.

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