About the Client

A US-based boutique consulting firm.

Business Need

  • The end-client was looking for a viable and cost-effective location to set up a new manufacturing hub for its global clientele
  • The client wanted to identify and benchmark potential locations across the globe, based on their attractiveness across select parameters

Approach and Methodology

  • After conducting brainstorming sessions with the client, the team shortlisted six potential countries
  • Looked at the opportunities, challenges and key characteristics of select locations in these countries
  • Performed quantitative location analysis by covering more than 60 parameters, complemented by a qualitative analysis of the various locations covering infrastructure, business friendliness, tax incentives, potential risks, labour, etc.
  • Finally, benchmarked the locations to recommend the top three

Business Outcomes

  • End-client selected one of the recommended locations suggested by RocSearch
  • Analysis helped the client win more business from the end-client

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