Business need

  • A European PE firm, specialising in mid-market buyouts
  • Sector focus: Manufacturing, healthcare, business & financial services, retail, leisure & consumer
  • Strategy: Investing in growth companies

Business Objectives / Goals

  • Sector: Manufacturing and services related to agriculture
  • Firm type: Private and public
  • Target size: EBITDA range of €8-35 mn, with EBITDA Margin >= 10% (implied revenue range of €30-350 mn)
  • Geographic focus: UK, France, Germany, Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux and Nordics
  • Ownership: Not a subsidiary of a larger player If a subsidiary, then not aligned with the parent company’s core business

Approach and Methodology

  • Defining the Sector: Considering the high degree of fragmentation and niche nature of the sector, studied and identified major segments in each of the two categories.
  • List Generation: Built a comprehensive list of 2,500+ companies leveraging an ecosystem of sources including databases, associations, exhibitions/ conferences, awards listing, news aggregators, news portals, etc.
  • Company Screening on Business, Financials and Ownership:
    • 800+ companies were shortlisted based on their size in terms of revenue or EBITDA and relevant product portfolio. Sources included company website, company house filings, Amadeus, Avention, CapitalIQ, etc.
    • 220 high growth, high margin companies were further short-listed.
    • Ownership structure of shortlisted companies was analysed to identify the parent company and key stakeholders
  • Shortlisting and Prioritising Companies: Shortlisted 21 potential targets for client’s assessment, of which 11 were new finds for the client
  • Creating Company Profile: Created 2-3 page company profiles of 11 new targets

Business outcomes

  • 52% increase in client visibility on potential targets
  • 21 investment gems identified from a list of 2,500+ companies
  • 500+ analyst hours saved in deal origination

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