About the Client

  • A private equity player, with a diverse portfolio of investments across sectors globally.
  • Key focus on financial services, healthcare and manufacturing sectors

Business Need

  • To understand the overall potential of the global athletic footwear industry
  • Identify and evaluate potential investment targets

Approach and Methodology

  • As a first step, RocSearch gained an understanding of the global footwear market by studying the industry demand, key trends, future outlook, etc.
  • Industry analysis was conducted using various analytical frameworks and competitors were shortlisted for further analysis
  • Multiple data points, such as industry consolidation, financial performance, global turmoil, outsourcing deals, analyst recommendations, stock performance and future outlook for the key players, were assessed
  • RocSearch leveraged subscribed databases and multiple secondary sources for this study

Business Outcomes

  • The study helped the client in identifying lucrative investment targets

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