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Business need

  • A global construction company wanted to understand the digital trends across various nodes of its value chain in order to overhaul its operations.
  • It wanted to get a rounded view of the digital trends, statistics and use cases of various technologies in the global Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) Industry.
  • This was aimed at assessing the related opportunities in the EPC industry (also covering fabrication, manufacturing, maintenance and project management services)

To understand various technology trends and opportunities in the global EPC Industry.

The client outlined two key reasons for selecting RocSearch:

  • Our ability to identify innovation opportunities and digital trends through technology scouting.
  • Wide exposure of our technology analysts to the Industrial sector.

Approach and Methodology

  • Our strategic advisory team outlined the processes in the value chain for each of the industry verticals in the EPC Industry, covering data standardisation and governance in construction projects, project management and estimation of time/material, market dynamics and spend analytics. We also looked into industry trends along with their key indicators.

We uncovered emerging trends in artificial intelligence (AI), digital twins, internet of things (IoT), robotic process automation (RPA), blockchain and gamification as part of 11 exclusive disruptive technology focused reports.

  • We reviewed trends across 11 disruptive technologies such as semantic technology and AI, intelligent apps and analytics, digital twins, cloud to the edge, strategic digital transformation, IoT, RPA, immersive experience, blockchain and gamification.
  • For each of these technology focused reports, we covered their applications, drivers, challenges and impactful success stories from the focus industry, illustrating how companies had applied these technologies to their advantage.

Business Outcomes

  • The study provided a visibility on how various industry players have been leveraging these trending technologies to enhance efficiency of processes.
  • The insights around strategic trends, planning of digital talent, learnings on best practices helped the client drive an effective digital adoption strategy.
  • The extensive technology scan, trending applications and success stories in the EPC industry enabled the client to substantially accelerate productivity.

The extensive technology scan, use cases and learnings enabled the client to adopt opportunistic tech innovations and accelerate productivity.

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