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Business need

  • Following the recent developments caused by the Russia-Ukraine war, a European agent for birch plywood (a high-quality/fine-grained wood material) could not sell Russian plywood in the UK and Europe.
  • Its Russian suppliers were therefore looking for alternative markets. They were already considering China, South America and Egypt and wanted to evaluate the market opportunity in India.

To assess the market opportunity for birch plywood in India.

The client outlined two key reasons for selecting RocSearch:

  • Our proven expertise in guiding clients in their organic and inorganic growth strategies.
  • Our wide exposure and strong expert network in the Indian market.

Approach and Methodology

  • Our strategic advisory team evaluated the Indian Plywood Market, covering the market size, growth trends, structure and market share of birch plywood, assessing its demand by size, grade and applications. We evaluated the market opportunities and challenges using the relevance imminence framework and further examined the growth drivers, challenges and product pricing trends over the last few months.

We comprehensively reviewed the Indian Plywood market and demand-supply scenario, examining the consumer and regulatory landscape and the overall supply chain to assess the market opportunity.

  • We shared insights on the supply of plywood in India (domestic production and imports), covering insights on the manufacturing locations, import distribution and trade routes between India and Russia.
  • We looked into the Government initiatives and tariff structure, covering aspects such as currency trade agreements, service collaborations, duties and tariffs imposed on the imports of birch plywood into India.
  • We also conducted expert interviews to assess and share insights on the overall supply chain of birch plywood, from the manufacturer to end-user industries and household consumers.

Business Outcomes

  • The output provided a rounded perspective on the Indian Plywood market and the demand analysis, which guided the client’s entry strategy in the country.
  • The deep-dive analysis enabled the client to identify potential opportunities and whitespaces based on the existing market dynamics.
  • Analysis of the regulatory and distribution landscape led to insights, which helped the client plan its supply and distribution strategy.

The deep-dive analysis enabled the client to identify potential opportunities and whitespaces based on the existing market dynamics guiding its entry strategy in India.

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