Pre-M&A due diligence | Investment opportunity assessment | Competitive landscape analysis

Business need

  • A boutique Finnish corporate finance firm was working for a European private equity firm, which was considering investment in a Norwegian electric vehicle charger company.
  • It mandated RocSearch to support it on this buy-side mandate by conducting a due diligence of the market.
  • It also wanted to get a thorough but compact view of the target company and its business activities, in order to guide its investment decision.

To conduct a comprehensive due diligence of the electric vehicle charger market and the target company for potential acquisition.

The client outlined two key reasons for selecting RocSearch:

  • Our ability to rapidly deploy customised teams with the necessary skills.
  • Our proven M&A capabilities and flexible client-centric engagement models.

Approach and Methodology

  • Our investment advisory team conducted an in-depth analysis of the electric vehicle charger market globally, with a focus on Europe and Norway, covering the market scenario and stock projections of chargers for home and commercial charging. We shared insights on the driving forces as well as the challenges in the focus markets.

RocSearch examined how government policies and technological advancements were driving the demand for electric vehicle chargers and assessed the competition and the target company in detail.

Investment Service
  • We also laid out the competitive landscape across the European and Norway markets and carried out a peer comparison.
  • We carried out an in-depth analysis of the target company and provided insights on its operations, business activities, financials, key personnel, strategic partnerships, recent developments and funding rounds.

Business Outcomes

  • Our analysis provided a global as well as a regional perspective of how the electric vehicle charger market was shaping up.
  • The study captured insights on how the demand in Norway and the rest of Europe for these products was forecasted to grow in future years.
  • Our analysis also included a comparative benchmarking of the target company vis-a-vis its competitors.

The insights from our market analysis guided the private equity firm, which decided to bid for the target company.

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