Digital transformation roadmap | Assessment of trends | Benchmarking of best practices

Business need

  • A digital consulting firm was looking for thought leadership support on the adoption of digital technologies and services by governments around the world.
  • It commenced the engagement with the focus on Indian market, where it was considering investment in companies operating in the region.
  • The client wanted to understand the digitisation- related initiatives and trends adopted by state and local governments worldwide (with a focus on the UK and US).
  • The initiative was geared towards helping governments expedite their digital transformation journeys.

To get deep insights on international best practices and trends in the adoption of digital technologies by governments worldwide.

The client outlined two key reasons for selecting RocSearch:

  • Our ability to identify innovation opportunities and benchmark best practices.
  • Our proven, flexible client-centric engagement models.

Approach and Methodology

  • Our strategic advisory team investigated various digital transformation initiatives taken up by various state and local governments. These included e-government programmes, smart city projects and digital technologies to improve business interactions, operational efficiencies, quality of service and citizens’ welfare.

We evaluated at least 35 state and local government service providers worldwide, using a rigorous methodology, mapping them against maturity, partnership ecosystem and investments & innovation.

digital technologies
  • From this universe, we further identified 14 state and local government service providers and system integrators (such as telecom & e-learning solution providers) that had generated the greatest value over the past 12 months.
  • As part of the technological landscape, we shared perspectives and a comparative analysis on digital transformation maturity of different governments.
  • We highlighted the associated challenges, shared sample case studies and presented opportunities that lay ahead.

Business Outcomes

  • A technology adoption roadmap with actionable insights on several state & local governments, with a special analysis focussed on the UK and the US. The findings from the report were published on the client’s website.
  • The study helped the client identify key global service providers and system integrators to expedite the digital transformation journeys of state and local governments.

The study provided a technology adoption roadmap and identified key channel partnerships that could expedite the digital transformation journeys of governments.

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