About the Client

One of the largest QSR chains in India. It dominates the pizza delivery market. It started to leverage data analytics to sharpen its marketing initiatives

Business Need

  • The client wanted to drive revenue growth and reverse the margin trend that declined for two consecutive years, mainly due to aggressive pricing policies meant to capture market share

Approach and Methodology

  • Extensive audit of client operations and marketing initiatives to identify major customer groups and purchase behaviour to develop customised offers
  • Identification of customers with high risk of attrition, along with the possible drivers of attrition, to allow the formulation of an effective retention strategy for high risk-high value customers
  • Identification of the dormant/inactive customers and suggestions for reactivation through effective promotion
  • Increase in marketing RoI via channel optimisation for campaigns
  • Development of store-specific product bundling/promotions
  • Pricing analytics to ensure the best positioning of each product
  • Assessment of store-specific product category performance

Business Outcomes

  • 2%-5% expected increase in revenue
  • Potential to improve EBITDA by 4%-10% depending on the level of implementation

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