About the Client

An audit and advisory firm based out of UK

Business Need

  • Identify various audit functions that can be offshored
  • Analyse various sourcing models and strategies adopted by competitors and benchmark them against the industry leaders

Approach and Methodology

  • Conducted an analysis of the audit offshoring market. Identified various functions being offshored by the Big 4 firms
  • Analysed the key drivers of offshoring decisions and identified the activities in the audit space, which can be offshored
  • Analysed the offshoring strategies adopted by the client’s competitors
  • Provided benchmark cases, along with details such as sourcing model used, skill set deployed and services provided from the offshore facilities
  • Analysed the delivery capabilities of the independent service providers

Business Outcomes

  • The findings of the study helped the client understand the audit offshoring space better, and develop a comprehensive approach based on learnings from competitors

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