For a South-East-Asian University

Business need

  • To cope with the fast-changing education and training landscape, the client wanted to strengthen its brand presence and deepen its footprint in the education and learning space beyond its current geographic operations.
  • It was planning to launch professional development courses and wanted to gauge the perception about the university and willingness of professionals and alumni to join.
  • It also wanted to understand key drivers of success emerging from leading universities and learning providers for students, corporates and online learners as well as improve its brand in the relevant target groups.

Understanding what to change, how to change and what to build to strengthen the brand

The client outlined two key reasons for selecting RocSearch:

  • Our flexible client-centric engagement models
  • Our ability to rapidly deploy customised teams with the necessary skills and extensive experience in consumer surveys and benchmarking

Approach and Methodology

  • Our research & advisory team conducted a investigative brand perception survey (entailing ~75 questions) with 200 respondents, spread across prospective students, parents of students, alumni and professionals.
  • The sample was distributed among respondents in the domestic market as well as selected countries that represented key destinations for the university’s international students.

Our statistical analysis provided insights on key attributes, such as brand perception, brand recall, brand voice, brand affiliation, brand quality, brand goodwill, brand distinctiveness, mode of influence, price sensitivity and decision-making criteria.

  • We carried out a detailed analysis of gaps/challenges and opportunities for the university based on the survey results, to enable the client’s brand-building strategy.
  • A comprehensive assessment and benchmarking of top global universities was conducted to identify the key considerations for a winning strategy.
brand-building strategy

Business outcomes

  • Insights and recommendations on key elements of successful strategy, best practices and sweet spots in the market landscape enabled the client to achieve competitive success
  • A strategy roadmap was shared with the client with suggested quick wins as well as long-term strategic initiatives

The study provided winning brand-building strategies and insights on best practices as well as specific actionable market opportunities.

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