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Business need

  • A German software and automation technology company, with a massive repository of highly unstructured customer data, wanted to create a customer relationship management (CRM) database in order to methodically capture relevant insights on each of its 25,000+ small, medium, and large-sized enterprise customers.
  • As it did not have the internal capacity to deal with the massive amount of data, it sought RocSearch’s support to create a CRM database to leverage the information to capture actionable business insights.

Methodically curate partial data on 25,000+ enterprise customers and create a platform that acts as a single source of truth for all customers of the software company.

The client outlined four key reasons for selecting RocSearch:

  • Our ability to manage and work with enormous volumes of data.
  • Our ability to methodically extract insights from relatively incoherent data, using automation.
  • Our expertise in gathering hard-to-find information.
  • Our track record of creating significant value for the PE owners of the software company.

Approach and Methodology

  • As a first step, a team of 15 database and automation analysts, associates, and module leads was created to efficiently execute the project’s objective to meticulously structure partial data on its 25,000+ customers.
  • After establishing the wireframe of the CRM platform, the team of data analysts was deployed to capture business-specific intelligence on each of the small, medium, and large enterprise-scale customers.

RocSearch formed a team of data, automation, anomaly resolution, and technology analysts, led by an experienced project manager. The team followed a meticulous process for processing a variety of data points, source hierarchy, data capture format, data classification, and review procedure.

  • The team used Python to code scrappers to extract customer-specific data from public sources at scale.
  • The team had regular touchpoints with the client to ensure high quality and if the progress was aligned with their expectations, as well as explored areas of potential value addition.
  • The cloud-based CRM allowed for rapid search and extraction of any customer data.

Business Outcomes

  • The client was able to generate weekly and monthly customer and sales reports for its board meetings.
  • The single source of truth for all customers helped them brainstorm cross-sell and up-sell opportunities with specific clients and address pain points.
  • The consolidated customer database saved significant senior management bandwidth of the client which was earlier spent struggling with unstructured data.

The CRM platform served as a critical strategic pillar for the client’s market strategy and saved more than 10,000 hours for the client.

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