About the Client

An international investment group

Business Need

  • Understand the global desalination market, with a focus on small-scale desalination plants
  • Decide whether to invest in small-scale solar-powered mobile desalination plants

Approach and Methodology

  • An initial hypothesis was constructed based on our preliminary research and discussions with the client. The initial hypothesis was “small-scale desalination plants are not economically feasible”
  • The hypothesis was rigorously tested based on our analysis of the global desalination market, covering historic and forecasted market value and capacity
  • Assessed the geographic and technological landscape of this sector and identified few of the challenges affecting the various plants
  • Benchmarked leading desalination companies based on their cost structures, technology, operational and financial parameters

Business Outcomes

  • The client was planning to make a multi-million dollar investment in a technology that it wasn’t bullish about. Based on our detailed and neutral analysis of the market and the prevailing cost structures, the client did not go ahead with the investment

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