About the Client

A UK-based company that produces and markets premium branded frozen food products across 11 European countries

Business Need

  • The client wanted to optimise its manufacturing strategy by producing few of its frozen food products in low-cost countries, such as China. They also wanted to sell its products in China
  • Moreover, the client wanted to know the regulations for usage of the dietary salt (including labeling) in China and identify the innovations undertaken by its competitors to produce low-salt food products

Approach and Methodology

  • RocSearch identified the current regulatory structure for the usage of dietary salt in China. The team gained insights on the key regulatory bodies governing dietary salt regulations; evolution of regulations over time; the impact of dietary salt regulations and the key steps (if any) taken by NGOs or other relevant associations for reducing salt consumption
  • We also identified the key companies producing frozen food products in China and looked at the latest innovations used by them to produce low-salt food products

Business Outcomes

  • In-depth analysis of the dietary sodium regulations helped the client form its product strategy, when manufacturing products for the Chinese market

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