RocEye CleanTech Edition

Uncover the most compelling investment opportunities in the booming CleanTech space

Opportunities in CleanTech

Investors across the globe are looking to double down on sustainability and climate-driven investment opportunities — the International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates by 2030, the global market for clean tech could be worth USD870 billion, surpassing even the oil market.


Market Insight- UK

CleanTech Transportation Sector

  • There are over 250+ mobility and transportation players in the increasingly fragmented UK Clean tech market.
  • A majority of the companies(50%+) are present in Electrification
  • Close to 50% of the companies are still at a start-up stage
CleanTech Transportation Sector

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What is RocEye™ CleanTech

RocEye CleanTech is a proprietary deal origination solution developed by RocSearch focused exclusively on the.

It leverages a multi-staged filtration process in conjunction with the investor’s deal criteria and uncovers hard-to-find opportunities across five major sectors.

The platform generates a comprehensive and consistent flow of curated public and private targets based on the client’s investment criteria and can either act as a complete independent origination solution, or as a way to augment internal sourcing efforts and improve deal origination effectiveness.

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Discover opportunities across 5 major sectors in the clean tech space


Highly-curated pipeline of actionable targets

800 – 1,200

man hours save on per deal

Serving Private Equity, SPACs, Hedge Funds, Brokerage Houses, Family offices CXOs Strategy Teams

Key Benefits:

  • Comprehensive

    • Coverage of five major sectors in the clean tech space comprising agriculture, energy and power, transportation, resources & environment, and chemicals & materials.
  • Personalised

    • Effectively benchmark comparable cleantech players
    • Periodic alerts and push notifications on qualified opportunities and news
  • Focused and Efficient

    • Four-stage filtration process that helps you sift through the universe of hundreds of opportunities to find a refined, high-potential shortlist of actionable targets by screening for:
      • Sectors and segments
      • Region and country
      • Market rumours
      • Maturity of business (startup, growth, and established businesses)
      • Financial and strategic parameters
      • Investment holding period
  • Highly Curated

    • Qualitative and quantitative parameters analysed for both companies of all stages – from startups, to growth companies to established businesses.
    • Multi-criteria analysis based on client specific requirements
  • Proactive

    • Make proactive and informed decisions with predictive evaluation of targets operating in an ever-changing market
    • Advanced techniques to uncover the most compelling deal opportunities, JVs, and strategic alliances

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