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RocEye Growth

Deal origination is becoming increasingly competitive. To stay ahead of the competition, it is vital to maintain a pipeline of relevant targets. RocEye Growth is a premium deal origination solution for the ongoing identification of potential acquisition targets based on the client's investment strategy and target selection criteria. The tool applies our proprietary algorithm on the target universe to uncover hidden gems across sectors and regions and can be used by all types of investment focused firms irrespective of their size.

RocEye Distressed

RocEye Distressed helps locate turnaround opportunities for investment or restructuring. It uses our proprietary algorithm to identify distressed companies across sectors and regions through ongoing scanning of a comprehensive universe of public and private companies and can be used by both investment and advisory firms.

Roc360 Competitive Intelligence

Using strategic analysis techniques and a proprietary CI framework, we deliver periodic (weekly/monthly/quarterly) CI newsletters, trackers and dashboards that help our clients overcome competitive gaps, maximise the value of their unique capabilities and successfully deal with threats and opportunities.


RocVibe is our proprietary tool which tracks and analyses both qualitative and quantitative data from online platforms (social media, blogs, professional networks, search engines etc.) to benchmark a company’s performance against its competitors on a variety of parameters, including digital presence, customer sentiment, customer experience, customer loyalty etc.


Independent, insightful and instantly applicable solutions for your business issues. Our portfolio of research services includes Business Research, Financial Research, Investment Research, Procurement Research and Market Research...
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We have an innovative and lean approach to data analytics. Our capabilities include everything from simple data processing to complex statistical skills, including Cross-tabs, Predictive Modeling, Regression Analysis and much more...
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RocSupport enables you to reduce administrative costs by running leaner support teams. Our services portfolio includes Power Point Production Support, Finance & Accounting BPO Services, Talent Acquisition Solutions and Design & Infographics Support...
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