• We constantly develop
    & refine our approaches
    to drive success

We measure success through our ability to enable our clients to win more profitable deals and achieve their growth potential

Our goal is not to just sell research. Our services are far   more impactful. Research and Analytics — our core skills and capabilities — are no more than a means to an end. These skills and capabilities allow us to deliver superior value‑generating services and create powerful solutions for our clients’ business needs. Creative application of these skills allow our people to engage consistently with client stakeholders across all levels to solve the most demanding business challenges.

In taking a consultative approach, we are adept at grasping the underlying issues that our clients face and are able to determine how research and analytics can be deployed in pursuit of an outcome that satisfies their needs. Our innovative approach and strategy creates tangible value for our clients allowing them to focus on core activities.


Independent, insightful and instantly applicable solutions for your business issues. Our portfolio of research services includes Business Research, Financial Research, Investment Research, Procurement Research and Market Research...
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We have an innovative and lean approach to data analytics. Our capabilities include everything from simple data processing to complex statistical skills, including Cross-tabs, Predictive Modeling, Regression Analysis and much more...
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RocSupport enables you to reduce administrative costs by running leaner support teams. Our services portfolio includes Power Point Production Support, Finance & Accounting BPO Services, Talent Acquisition Solutions and Design & Infographics Support...
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RocSolutions include our premium proprietary products that solve key business challenges across industries...
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Our services are delivered through specialised resourcing (‘dedicated’ or ‘short-term’) solutions which are customised according to our clients’ business requirements

Dedicated Teams

Our dedicated teams work as virtual extensions of the client’s in‑house operations, and collaborate towards shared business goals. The quality of the teams’ analysis often dramatically increases our clients’ facility for growth and our scalability and flexibility allows clients to quickly react to changing business circumstances. The majority of our dedicated teams have worked with clients for more than 7 years, a clear testimony to the value added, and to our belief that the client relationship is integral to our business.

Short-Term Teams

For clients looking at short-term support, we have agile teams comprising domain specialists and generalists who possess diverse sector experience and educational backgrounds: MBAs in Strategy, Finance, Marketing & Systems; Consultants, Specialist Research Analysts, Chartered Accountants, Chartered Financial Analysts and Economists, Engineers, Mathematicians and Statisticians. Our Short-Term cross-disciplinary teams bring this expertise to bear on one-off projects with focus and dynamism.

These resourcing solutions are driven by our distinctive talent acquisition capability which employs advanced behavioural assessments, such as DISC profiling and critical incident interviewing, to ensure the selection of only the highest quality resources for all our client engagements

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