Business need

The client selected RocSearch after a six-month long due diligence process. What began as a mandate to just build an offshore captive Research & Analytics unit in India under a year and a half long build, operate and transfer (BOT) arrangement has evolved into a strategic relationship of over a decade.

The client outlined two key reasons for selecting RocSearch over all other competitors:

  • Our ability to rapidly deploy customised teams with the necessary skills
  • Our flexible client-centric engagement models

To set up the captive, we first conducted a series of assessment, design and implementation (ADI) workshops at client offices to create a highly collaborative and flexible model for close client engagement and consistent delivery excellence.

After a detailed roadmap with well-defined milestones was drawn up, we built a team of 40 highly-skilled professionals, and trained and aligned them to the client’s work culture. Detailed and standardised processes were developed and deployed along with robust service level agreements.

We built a team of 40 highly-skilled professionals, and trained and aligned them to the client’s work culture.

After running the captive unit for over 1.5 years, RocSearch successfully transferred it to the client, which has since developed it into a shared services centre with over 600 resources servicing all of its offices globally.

Impressed with RocSearch’s capabilities, consistent work quality and client centric culture, the client has entered into a strategic arrangement with RocSearch to continue leveraging RocSearch services on an ongoing basis to support its critical business intelligence needs.

The scope of work includes, but is not limited to:

  • Detailed sector focused market studies to drive the client’s business development success.
  • Economic analysis of emerging and mature markets to identify opportunities.
  • Competitor Intelligence.
  • Impact assessment: Aligning each market or industry trend on a relevance-imminence matrix to identify areas for potential investment.
  • Addressable market size reports informing the client’s investment plans.
  • Competitor surveys, end-client surveys and strategy development work.

Business Outcomes

  • Established a robust foundation for the development of the Global Shared Services centre.
  • Significantly reduced operating costs.
  • Rapid access to customised high quality business intelligence services from RocSearch drives business growth for both our client and its end clients.
  • Access to independent unbiased high quality insights for successful decision making.

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