Business need

The client needed high-end Business Intelligence capabilities to drive its investment activities and stay ahead of the competition.

Our RocSearch team delivers consistently at par with the top 3 global strategy consulting firms - Partner, leading European PE firm


After evaluating numerous Research & Advisory Firms, the client opted for RocSearch as its dedicated Business Intelligence provider across the investment Value chain. Our engagement started  with a major focus on pre-due diligence activities, but has evolved over the last eleven years to cover all facets of our client’s investment, competitor tracking and investor relations activities. During the last eleven years of our engagement, the PE firm has grown manifolds – it now has multiple offices across the world, manages several multibillion EUR funds and is amongst the world’s top 25 PE firms by the size of funds raised.

The client selected dedicated team works closely with client stakeholders across levels in each office on both proactive deal origination as well as live deal support. We have implemented our proprietary deal sourcing platform, RocEye to regularly identify deal opportunities across regions and sectors and work closely with client stakeholders to shortlist the ones that truly matter. Many of these opportunities translate into successful investments for the client every year saving them substantial costs and time in the process.

Our scope of work involves comprehensive, unbiased and impartial investment research and analysis and covers:

  • Generating a healthy pipeline of proprietary deal opportunities across sectors and regions using RocEye
  • Tracking and monitoring portfolio companies of the client’s competitors for identifying secondary market opportunities
  • Creating and maintaining databases on private equity buyout deals across sectors and sub-regions
  • Tracking media commentary on M&A deals in specific markets
  • Benchmarking portfolio companies with competitors to gauge exit and go/no go situations
  • Reviewing and consolidating analyst view/ street view on companies
  • Conducting hypothesis testing of various technology and economic developments on the client’s strategic plans
  • Analysing niche market value chains and identifying high growth, future ready business models
  • Mapping Bolt-On opportunities against current portfolio companies for different value creation strategies
  • Helping shortlist companies from the investment pipeline for further due diligence
  • Supporting corporate pro-bono work of Partners
  • Supporting strategy refresh programs at portfolio firms
  • Benchmarking performance of portfolio exits made by competitor firms
  • Preparing presentations for team briefings and internal stakeholder meetings

Business outcomes

Our engagement creates a competitive edge for our client and delivers the following business outcomes:

  • Faster data-backed response to evolving market conditions, helping the client stay competitive
  • Creation and tracking of a large number of investment-worthy opportunities, curated from the widest range of sources, which help the client stay ahead of competition
  • Regular updates on all market rumours for potential investment opportunities to drive a greater probability of deal closure
  • Comprehensive secondary and primary research based market due diligence to enabe more successful investment decisions
  • Comprehensive view of the financial and operating performance of companies in own and competitors portfolios to enable regular strategy refresh of portfolio firms
  • Rigorous unbiased time sensitive support during the transaction process through highly trained professional analysts who operate as an extension of the client’s investment team
  • Rapid scaling of the team to support periods of peak demand

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