About the Client

A UK-based supplier of greenhouses and associated garden products

Business Need

  • The client was seeking a joint venture with a company engaged in aluminium extrusion, fabrication, greenhouses manufacturing and other aluminium applications in India
  • The client wanted us to understand the Indian aluminium extrusion industry and identify potential joint venture partners
  • They also wanted us to develop a supplier benchmarking and provide negotiation support to close the deal with an appropriate supplier

Approach and Methodology

  • RocSearch conducted an in-depth analysis of the aluminium extrusion industry in India and generated a list of 82 potential partners
  • The team then evaluated the potential partners on various parameters and short listed 19 players. The players were further ranked based on their size and capability. Following the ranking, we provided brief profiles of the most suitable top five players
  • We also provided negotiation support to the client:
    • Supported our client during initial conversations and negotiations with the prospective suppliers
    • Accompanied our client during their visit to India to negotiate with various suppliers
    • Helped them zero down to one vendor

Business Outcomes

  • The client was able to successfully establish a joint venture with the company identified by the study
  • The study saved the client 100 man hours of efforts on partner identification

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