About the Client

An Asia-based marketing procurement and relationship management firm.

Business Need

  • The end-client, a financial services firm, planned to upgrade its corporate brand and marketing functions by appointing new Chief Brand Officer (CBO) and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
  • The client wanted to understand and benchmark how leading companies structure their CBO-led brand management and CMO-led marketing departments / functions / teams

Approach and Methodology

  • The team studied the marketing and branding models adopted by leading global brands, looking at:
    • Definition, segmentation and overlap between the roles and responsibilities of CBO and CMO
    • Evolution of marketing / branding structures and responsibilities at these companies
    • Key trends in the ‘C’ level branding and marketing functions and the inclusion of new designations / positions
    • Case studies providing insights into the company’s marketing and branding functions

Business Outcomes

  • Enhanced client understanding of how organisations structure their brand/corporate communications and marketing functions, focusing on the mandate of each function and the relative strengths and weaknesses of the organisation's approach

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