Up Your Game With The New Brand Management Arsenal From DDB & ROCSEARCH

Our 11 solutions power brands to be more agile and responsive in a disruptive environment.

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    Market Review (Cat Scan)

    • What drives category growth?

    Review category growth prospects, including economic, technological, social, consumer and political trends.

    Explore key and emerging drivers of success for the category, including recommended positioning options based on market data and competitive players

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    Category Probe (Best Practices)

    • What best practices and products?

    Category scan to identify best practices, in-demand and high-growth products for adoption and development of client marketing programme.

    Conduct consumer online survey to rate brands across key category growth drivers, including your brand’s key moves.

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    Competitive Review (Competitive Probe)

    • What competitive brands are doing?

    Deep dive into key brands in category, covering advertising, products, distribution, platform/online and pricing.

    Explore other markets beyond your local market to probe for exceptional brand and business moves.

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    Brand Performance (3F Brand Growth Index)

    • How strong is your brand vs competition?

    Based on our unique Brand Growth IndexTM (Fame, Feeling, Facility), identify the strength and growth potential of brands based on consumer penetration, emotional positioning and ease-of-purchase via store/online assets.

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    Customer Segmentation (Buyology)

    • Who buys your brand?

    Sharpen “micro-segmentation” framework for brand, by providing market research data and customer insights to supplement current client segment profile, including best practices with platform players like Amazon and Netflix.

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    Brand Perception Study (Brand Refocus)

    • How can your brand grow?

    Conduct deep dive and SWOT analysis on both the ‘brand’ and the ‘product/s’, with a view towards finding best opportunities for growth. Ideal for major pitch opportunities.

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    Product Stress Test (Prototype Test)

    • How will your new product fare?

    Conduct comprehensive test of prototype product or planned launch, to assess likely consumer responses, confidence of success, pricing and ‘segment’ to focus, in order to learn, finesse and develop go-to-market strategy.

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    Customer Panel Testing (C-panel)

    • What will the customers say?

    Conduct ‘best prospect’ consumer panel testing for concepts, products and design, providing evidence-based findings for ‘proof of success’ before launch.

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    Expert Panel Testing (E-panel)

    • What will the experts advise?

    Organize a panel of industry experts or key opinion leaders, who have deep experience and understanding of branding success in a specific category to help inform concept development.

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    Post-Campaign Testing (Post-Test)

    • What has worked, or not?

    Review product and campaign performance, to determine what has worked and what has not, isolating marketing communications effects from product factors. Comes with recommendations for next steps and improvements.

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    Next Move Study (Future-Mark)

    • What’s next for your brand to grow?

    Study into next step possibilities for your product/brand, including premium appeal, collaboration, new product innovation and customer segments.

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